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You've got garage questions? We've got answers.

Your garage door is the gate to your home. It's what lets your vehicle in and keeps the outside out. So, if it's not working correctly, of course you're going to have questions. Check out the frequently asked questions below.

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Q: Why doesn't my garage door close?

If your garage door is not closing properly, check to make sure the operator is plugged in. If it is, make sure that your photo sensors are not blocked. If they are, remove the obstruction.


Q: Where are my photo sensors?

The photo sensors, which are a safety mechanism to stop the door from closing if something is underneath it, are located just inside the garage door on the bottom of the tracks.


Q: How do I close my garage door if the power is out?

If the power goes out, you can pull on the release cord located right at the top of the track. It will disengage the door and allow you to open and close it manually. Consider contacting Clinton Kearney Door Co. Inc. to learn about out battery backup operators.


Q: What should I use to oil my garage door?

Any oil-based lubricant will do the trick to oil your garage door. The most commonly available is WD-40, which can be found at all hardware stores or supermarkets.


Q: My door doesn't close and the light blinks. What is wrong?

Your photo sensors are either blocked or not aligned properly. If there is nothing obstructing them, loosen the wingnuts on the sensors and make sure they are pointed directly at each other.


Q: What is wrong when the control panel flashes?

The lock button has been depressed. This button stops the remote controls from working. If you press and hold the lock button for two seconds, this will deactivate the lock button. The light on the wall button will stop blinking, and the remotes will commence working.


Q: How do I program the Homelink in my car?

Please refer to the programming instructions in your car's manual for these instructions. Note that there are different instructions for regular programming (older models) and rolling code programming (newer models).


Q: How do I program my remote control?

You must locate the "learn button" on the motor in the middle of the garage. The color of this button is either green, yellow, red, or purple, and it is round or square. Press this button down once (do not hold it down for any length of time), and then press the button on the remote control. The light on the motor unit in the middle of the garage will flash once to signify that programming is successful.


Q: How do I program my keypad?

You find the "learn button" (see previous question) and press once. You will then have 30 seconds to walk over to the keypad, slowly enter the four numbers that you wish to program, and then press and hold the "enter button" for two seconds. The light on the motor unit in the middle will flash once to signify that programming is successful.


Q: How do I erase codes programmed in my remote or keypad?

You must locate the "learn button" (described two questions above). This time, you will hold down this button for eight seconds. This will erase all codes previously entered, including all the remote controls, the Homelink in your car, and the keypad.


Q: What type of maintenance do I need on my garage door?

Twice a year you should disengage the garage door from the electric operator and work the door by hand to make sure the door works freely and easily and that it does not bind during its complete cycle up and down. At this time you should also lubricate all moving parts on the door (pulleys, rollers, hinges, etc.) with any oil-based spray lubricant. Never use grease on any garage door parts. The electric operator does not need any lubrication.


Q: When should I call for garage door service?

It is preferable to get a service call once a year so that the technician can inspect all the hardware associated with your garage door to ensure safe operation. However, this timetable might increase or decrease according to usage.

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