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Make Sure Your Garage Door Lasts With Proper Maintenance

Garage door maintenance is often an afterthought for Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, NY homeowners. We’re busy, and between work and your family, who has the time? At least once a year, you should take a few basic steps to service your garage door to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Annual garage door service is simple enough for the typically DIY girl or guy. If you don’t feel comfortable servicing your garage door, or just want an expert garage door company, we’re always here to help,.

Lubricate & Grease

Annual garage maintenance should ensure all parts are properly lubricated. Use garage door rail greaser and garage door spray lube where needed.

Garage Opener & Remote

Check to make sure your garage door opener and remote are working properly. This includes any batteries in the garage remote or garage battery backup.

Garage Door Inspection

Your annual garage door maintenance should include a garage door inspection. Check to make sure all parts, and safety protocols are working properly

Garage Door Torsion Springs

Garage door torsion spring maintenance is essential. Garage door springs are under immense pressure. If they break it can be dangerous.

5 reasons to maintain your garage door

The key to a long lasting door
  • Make sure your home is secure
  • Keep your garage door functioning properly
  • Make sure your home is safe and secure
  • Save you money during home ownership
  • Prevent safety hazards from arising

4 steps Garage door maintenance checklist

Taking some basic periodic steps can make sure your garage door will last. The key to longevity for your garage door is maintaining it properly. Most garage door maintenance is basic enough for the typical DIYer. However, this is not a subsitute for an annual garage door inspection by a licensed contractor. 

  • Lubricate the moving parts
  • Clean dirt and debris from the tracks and rollers
  • Clear any obstructions or debris from the garage door tracks
  • Test that the garage door sensors are working properly
  • Prevent safety hazards from arising

Annual Garage Door Inspection

As a typical homeowner, you might feel comfortable with maintaining your own garage door. However, this should not be a subsitute for an annual garage door inspection from a licensed garage door contractor. An inspection by a pro will make sure your garage is safe and secure.

  • Inspect & replace any damaged springs, cables, chains or rollers
  • Test the garage door balance
  • Test the auto-reverse garage door safety feature
  • Tighten all garage door hardware

more garage door pro tips

If you’re not careful, a garage door can be a vulnerable point in your home security. Following these tips will ensure two things. First, you and your family can always get in and out safely. Second, nobody gets in that you don’t want in.

  • Take care when entering your garage door pin pad code
  • Change your garage door pin code at least every 3 months
  • Do not use birthdays, or other important dates as your door code
  • Install a Smart Garage Door Operator so you never have to share your code
  • Install a battery backup garage door operator so it works during blackouts

leave your garage door maintenance to us

You get busy, we get it. That’s why you should leave your garage door maintenance to us. Ask us about our residential garage door maintenance program. It’ll be up to us to call you to schedule your periodic maintenance. This way, you can worry about what really matters. Your family.